Our combi dance group, called ROLL DANCE BUDAPEST was founded in 2oo1 as a section of the Pool’n’ Roll Sport Association. This kind of dancing - when disabled persons in wheelchairs dance with their able-bodied partners - has no tradition in Hungary.

Without saying a word, just by the means of our dance, we want to speak about the integration and the equal opportunities for handicapped people.

The dancing club has 7 dancers in wheelchairs and 7 non-disabled partners who devote themselves to this special dance sacrifying much of their freetime and sharing a lot of joy with each other. Our ensemle does its best to offer the spectators a wide range of different styles, we dance not just standard and latin, but modern dances, typical Hungarian folkdances, oriental and even hip-hop dances.

We firmly believe that this kind of dance is a good way of helping the integration, but should it be disabled or non-disabled we all have to take steps to come closer to each other. If we can make just a little bit of contribution to make this world better it was not all in vain.

The development of the wheelchair dance depends on the generosity of kindhearted donors and sponsors, special thanks for their assistance.